NameID Easy Login

NameID and in particular the extension are still in an early, experimental phase. So please be warned, although everything seemed to work fine in our tests.
This extension is still under development, and some ideas for improvements have not yet been implemented—please excuse a lot of rough edges. Nevertheless, if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, please contact me!

Since the steps required for a fully manual sign-in are quite complicated and troublesome, you can automate them by using the NameID extension for Mozilla browsers. Try it out:

NameID Easy Login
Version 0.7.1

Alternatively, you can also install the extension from the official Mozilla add-on catalog.

When the extension is installed, you have to make sure that the Namecoin daemon is running, and check the connection settings in the extension's preferences dialog. Those must match your namecoin.conf file. When everything is set up, the extension will allow you to automate the signing procedure whenever it recognizes a login form for NameID. It may ask for your Namecoin wallet passphrase in case you have an encrypted and locked wallet, but appart from that, you only ever have to enter the identity you want to use and submit.

Copyright © 2013–2016 by Daniel Kraft. NameID is free software under the terms of the AGPL v3, check out the source code!

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