Contact Details

If you want to contact me, just take a look at my own profile page. Encrypted emails or Bitmessage are explicitly welcome. If you want to be sure about the keys, you can also check out the data yourself in the Namecoin blockchain with my identity id/domob.

NameID is a project I run purely for the sake of bringing Namecoin identities to a wider usage, I don't have any commercial interests in it. I have an IT service business registered in Austria nevertheless (not because of this project, though), and you can contact me at:

Daniel Kraft
Kirchbichl 42
8920 Hieflau
GnuPG: A7330737

Copyright © 2013–2016 by Daniel Kraft. NameID is free software under the terms of the AGPL v3, check out the source code!

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